2010S2D Integrated Amplifier

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2010S2D Integrated Amplifier

2010S2D integrated amplifier is among the best products Exposure has. The amplifier comes with a high capacity of sound. It delivers great sound, power, quality, and clearness. It weighs just 7 kg when it is unpacked. These are the dimensions - H x W x D: 90mm x 440mm x 310mm. The warranty terms are the same as other products – three years period.

This product was purchased by various companies, organizations, bands, and many others. We are grateful for all the fantastic reviews we had received for the 2010S2D integrated amplifier from Music Unites, Osp Solution, and Barbican Cinema.

Music Unites is a non-profit charity organization that supports music education worldwide through music projects in schools. The amplifier is helping them to be heard better.

Osp Solution has used the amplifier for important meetings with the clients and staff while they were presenting a new financial product - Quick cash loans. The effect was surprising!

Barbican Cinema in London is among 12 famous cinemas in London, and the sound is just amazing. Just relax and watch a great movie with a perfect sound at Barbican Cinema. Check the availability on their website.

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