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Exposure 2010 power amplifier

2010 Power Amplifier

Offering an effective upgrade path the Exposure 2010 Power Amplifier is specifically designed to complement the Exposure 2010 Integrated Amplifier.

Housed in a complementary rigid aluminium chassis and fed via the 2010 Integrated pre output the 2010 Power Amplifier delivers 60 watts per channel into eight ohms, (–80 dBA signal to noise ratio ref. 0dBW).

The generously specified, very high performance, toroidal transformer has a unique combination of virtues specifically designed to combine with the specially developed high current capability power supply capacitors, to provide the power supply. Shunt regulation is used for the high signal stages to ensure that this amplifier delivers an exceptionally clean overall performance with a powerful but well controlled low frequency performance.

Configured with the 2010 Integrated permits bi-amp mode where the 2010 Integrated drives the high frequency whilst the 2010 Power drives the low/mid range frequencies.

Switchable to mono block mode doubles the peak current output, from 12 amps to 24 amps, for the most demanding of loudspeaker loads. This offers the possibility of running mono’s for the low frequency whilst the 2010 Integrated drives the high frequency.

All inputs/outputs are via gold plated connections for optimum performance. Output protection is provided in event of accidental short circuit.

A three year guarantee is given, confirming our commitment to producing products of the highest quality.

Optional black finish available.

Titanium finish